5 Best Lingerie Brands at Affordable Prices in Japan

Women’s underwear in Japan may have a simple picture, but as time goes by even so in modern times like today, there are developments and improvements in the design of lingerie that is more fashionable.

Most brands provide affordable prices with good quality products and of course durable. Well-known Japanese lingerie companies such as World Co. and Triumph created various brands that have gained widespread popularity.

Japanese brands have a slightly conservative image, but thanks to international influences, many brands have created sexy decorative designs. Plus, there are so many products that are made for convenience, so you will have a little trouble deciding which. In addition to top-class brands, many popular brands among teenagers are sold at more affordable prices. Most stores allow you to try it out before buying so you can get the right size.

Here are 5 brands of women’s underwear that are popular today.

# PEACH JOHN (ピ ー チ ・ ジ ョ ン)

Who doesn’t know Peach John’s underwear brand? Because of its popularity, maybe no one will say they don’t know. The colorful, cute and sexy design contributes greatly to Peach John’s popularity among young women. The interiors in all their shops are decorated in pink, white and black, with a fragrant aroma that will surely make you feel comfortable spending a long time there. Referred to as Japan’s Victoria’s Secret, Peach John is constantly updating fashion trends and releasing clothes. In fact, the models that advertise Peach John’s underwear are Japanese top models that have frequently appeared on fashion shows such as the Tokyo Girls’ Collection. Even though you can’t come to their physical store, you can order it from the catalog.

# Triumph (ト リ ン プ)

Triumph is the number 2 best-selling lingerie brand in Japan, offering you lingerie with a wide range of prices. There are already many products that they produce, such as “Koi Suru Bra” (Fall in Love Bra), “Tenshi no Bra” (Angel Bra), and “T-Shirt Bra” becoming hits in the market. Not only because of the design alone, durability and good quality materials are also one of the factors that make Triumph a popular brand in Japan and abroad. Some say that wearing a bra from Triumph will make anyone feel safe and comfortable. Please buy Triumph products that are suitable for you at Triumph stores, department stores, and shopping centers.

# Ravijour (ラ ヴ ィ ジ ュ ー ル)

Ravijour is the older brother of the Peach John brand. All their underwear is very feminine, like a bra design to create cleavage and sexy underwear. Ravijour uses sexy models that have brown skin tones to promote their products, and the models are usually dressed in Gyaru style. As if they never run out of ideas, Ravijour always produces original designs that tease the hearts of all young women. They have a set of underwear for about 5,000 yen, and are often used as “shoubu shitagi”, underwear that is considered a “woman’s weapon”. Ravijour also sells new swimming pools, you know.

# Tuche (ト ゥ シ ェ)

Tuche is a brand created by the clothing company in Gunze Limited, produced by celebrity Uno Kanda. Although the design is monotonous and simple, Turche underwear can show the beauty of a woman’s body. The products they offer are quality products that are very fashionable and comfortable for everyday wear, with a choice of white, beige, or black.

# Salute (サ ル ー ト)

High-end brands from World Co. Bright colors and high-quality designs make it a coveted brand for women. It’s no exaggeration to say that you will fall in love with their products. Some underwear costs 10,000 yen, but depending on the design, some are sold for 20,000 yen. You might want to wear it every day, but at the same time, you also need to have your own “shoubu shitagi” set. When you are planning to buy expensive underwear from Salute, consider buying the appropriate design and size. Salute allows you to be fashionable in a way that people don’t know.