Comfortable Sleeping with Anne Claire’s Nightgowns

For some people, before going to bed, it is obligatory to change

nightgown. The reason is to sleep comfortably, but it turns out that not all nightgowns are following our body’s needs.

Even now the most important thing is not the material but the funny picture, the color, and the model.

Try to sleep once in a while wearing a nightgown from Anne Claire, guaranteed you would feel comfort wasted! Anne Claire is the baby doll that all girls like the most. The material is soft on the skin, the choice of the model is also up to date besides being used casually at home also makes a girl still beautiful. Want to love that ?!

Comfortable sleeping with Anne Claire’s nightgowns

# Using Quality Cotton

This is why BP-Guide recommends that you try nightgowns from Anne Claire, the materials are all made of quality cotton, not fake. So no longer do you sleep with sweating and lying here and there because it is uncomfortable. The cotton used by Anne Claire can absorb sweat, it soft, proven to be durable, and is not easily damaged, and the color is also durable even though washed many times.

# Indonesian Original Product

Hold up! Surely you think Anne Claire is an overseas product? Yes, because the name of the time it makes people fail to focus. But it’s wrong Anne Claire is an authentic Indonesian product! Yups original manufacturer from the city of Surabaya. PT. Osbutik has been operating since 2012, and indeed they focus on sleepwear and pajama products.

Just like other domestic brands, Lily White, Mayumi, Teddy Bear, Sofie, Sleepwear, and many others, what is clear is that the Anne Claire brand is recommended because the quality is excellent and the price is the best. You should try anyway!

# The Motives are Varied and Interesting

If generally, the nightgown is always about clothes that display curves, this one is different. You will be more confident and look cute with a variety of choices from Anne Claire. Nightgowns that prioritize cute cartoon designs have advantages from the past until now remains a hallmark. Here you can get animal motifs, flowers or other funny motifs.

How to choose a good nightgown

Now it’s time for you to choose good lingerie. Do you know that it turns out that when we wake up, the body still feels unwell and hurts because all of our sleep is of poor quality and uncomfortable? Now nightgowns can also be a trigger for your sleep discomfort. Well, so you don’t choose the wrong lingerie, see tips from the following BP-Guide!

# Consider the Type of Fabric Used

Many online shops now offer a variety of nightgowns ranging from sexy to cute. But apart from that all the most important thing you have to consider the type of material or fabric used before you buy a fix. Type of material that you can pay attention to as below:

  • Lycra or spandex, this type of material is not easily tangled and elastic. It’s just that this type is synthetic and usually mixed with other materials, but it’s okay how comfortable it is also used.
  • Silk, made from cocoons of silkworms so it must be worn super soft. Already so, the material from this material does not cause skin allergies. One more advantage is durable and not easy to tangle!
  • Cotton, this one material is often used for all types of clothing. The material derived from cotton fibers is cooling can absorb sweat. The advantages are durable and not easily torn.
  • Satin, this one has a luxurious impression because the surface is glossy, but the back is not. Just like silk, this fabric is also soft but not natural but artificial, which is a mixture of nylon, polyester, and silk.

# Select the Type of Nightgown to be Used

The second point you must choose the type or model of nightgown that suits you. At least do not let you buy after it does not match and the ends are not used. Check some sleepwear models below, and determine which one you think is the most suitable.

  • Kimono, most adult women prefer this one because it looks sexy with body parts. But this model is also comfortable because most are made of chiffon or satin.
  • Negligee, here it is a familiar model. Indeed, we often know who likes to wear this nightgown model are mothers, but now bright floral motifs are also attractive to young people. This model is durable in the market because of its cool material and makes it comfortable when sleeping.
  • Jumpsuit, this model of a nightgown that has a boss and subordinates fused makes sleep comfortable and free to move without worrying about revealing clothes. Besides being practical, now teenagers prefer this type.
  • Pajamas are another possible model, pajamas. This one nightgown consists of superiors and subordinates. There are also long and short types. Of course, with cool materials that make you sleep soundly. No need to worry about assistants open when moving here and there. Want?Comfortable sleeping with Anne Claire’s nightgowns.

Well, now it’s time for you to see some of the original flagship models of this famous brand

# Sweet Bunny Flower

One of Anne Claire’s output models who often become your sleeping costume is the Sweet Rabbit Flower. With two color choices, namely blue and red according to arm length and length is available in all sizes with LD 103 cm.

# Sweet Girl

Next Anne Claire’s pajamas that you must make a choice of sleep clothing is Sweet Girl. With a circumference of approximately 114 cm, this suit is available in purple and blue. Just like the previous material is still with cotton, Sweer Girl pajamas that are ready up to size XXL.

# Bear Babydoll

Made from smooth and cool babydoll owned by Anne Claire is still favorite clothing of girls. Babydoll hits in the past in 1956, although now a variety of sexy nightgowns like lingerie popping up but babydoll still exist to be a choice.  The advantages of Anne Claire babydoll products are not easy to wear off. There are also many choices and are available in all sizes.

# Lovely Friend

Furthermore, Lovely Friend is still a product of Anne Claire. These pajamas are loved by so many girls. Surely the best choice of ingredients from Anne Claire will make you comfortable to sleep all night without sweating. Ready in all size and chest size of approximately 102 cm, Lovely Friend pajamas come in Tosca green.

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