Here are some questions that are often asked by buyers or prospective buyers of Cuiretdentelles.com. We summarize it here to make it easier for you to pursue answers to questions that you might ask us.

What is the technique for ordering goods at Cuiretdentelles.com?

To work on ordering goods, you can contact us via email to customer.services@cuiretdentelles.com with the following form:

Is there a minimum order limit at Cuiretdentelles.com?

There is no minimum limit. Order 1 item we still serve and shipping costs are charged according to the rules of the courier service, which is calculated 1 kg.

Are all items on display at Cuiretdentelles.com available?

We are not infrequently endeavoring to update the website not seldom. Items that have ended will be marked “SOLD OUT.” However, due to our limitations, there are many items on the web that are still in the status of “READY” but in reality are exhausted, because we have not had time to update the position of the items on the web.

Therefore, for goods whose status is still ready, please ask for our stock, and if on the web the position has been sold out, we make sure it ends up in stock. Don’t worry because we will restock the items to the highest demand.

How come the collection doesn’t end a little?

We do not delete codes that have been used up, and we merely mark them with an explanation of “SOLD OUT,” so the impression is not a few that are used up.

How long will the email reply?

In a normal situation, you try to answer emails from each prospective buyer directly. The optimal time to answer emails is between 08:00 – 15:00 Monday through Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, you are on vacation, we will still respond to your emails but cannot receive a fast response.