These Are the Types of Lingerie According to Personality

Still looking for the right lingerie model for the first night later?

No need to bother, the key is to find something that suits your personality. If a man’s personality can be seen from the shoe model of his choice, well, a woman’s personality can be known from the type of underwear he wears. Certain lingerie models that you wear can also be a clue for couples about what kind of expectations you make, you know.

Preparing lingerie for the first night is a “tradition” that many women may have left behind. Some women feel no need to wear it, some feel shy or lack confidence. The smoothness and intimacy of the moment of intercourse are not influenced by lingerie, but this type of underwear can in fact help increase arousal, you know.

Increase Confidence

Apparently, there are still many women who feel worried about the first night because they are not confident in his body, you know. Well, wearing lingerie that suits your personality can increase your confidence and make you feel sexy in front of your partner.

Make Couples More Passionate

Not only for your own sake but wearing lingerie is also a form of business to attract a partner. Reward Si Dia with a view of your sexy body wrapped in lingerie so that couples become more excited.

To help you find the right type of lingerie, here are the types of lingerie to suit your personality:

# Lingerie For the Sweet

For you who have a sweet personality, feminine, but also sexy, baby doll lingerie models with lace detail are the right choice. Her low neckline model with a bra that lifts her chest, and a short, easy-to-open skirt will make you look very sexy and seductive.

# Lingerie For The Popular

Are you a popular woman who is always the center of attention? Well, you can wear sexy teddy lingerie on the first night. This type of underwear has smooth and tight materials so that every curve of the body will be seen clearly and can be a tempting view for The He.

# Lingerie For The Dominant

Dominant women are usually brave, like challenges and not ashamed to express their hearts. Well, if you are a woman with a personality like this, the most suitable lingerie is the basque model. This type of lingerie is very sensual and brave because it has a material that sticks tight to the body so it can show curves. Coupled with a corset that can streamline the abdomen and lift the chest, and suspender straps guaranteed you will be more confident even to dominate the intimate relationship session.

# Lingerie For The Tomboy

Are you a woman who does not like to be complicated, especially wearing something frilly and banded? Just choose the type of boy short lingerie, the model is simple, comfortable to wear, but still makes you look sexy.

# Lingerie for the Shy

If you are the type of shy woman who is not accustomed to wearing open clothes, you can choose chemise lingerie made from satin that is lightweight and smooth, then mix with a robe so it is not too open.

No harm in having one or two lingerie in your closet, because who knows this type of underwear can be very useful to maintain intimacy and harmony with your partner.