These Hollywood Celebrities Wear Pajamas for Formal Events

The trend of wearing pajamas at an event has actually been a hit among Hollywood celebrities.

Some celebrities are known to wear pajamas often when appearing at official events. I was so excited, not a few fashionistas who wore pajamas when appearing at prestigious fashion shows. Yes, although pajamas are merely resting clothes, now it has shifted to a trend among celebrities.

Curious about anyone who wears pajamas besides sleeping?

This is the 6th Hollywood celebrity when wearing pajamas at an official event or hangout.

# Elle Fanning

Call it Elle Fanning who wore dark gray pajamas with a yellow racetrack motif. Tampialn Elle with this outfit is still sweet with loose hair and no make-up!

# Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid, too. He was wearing blueprint striped pajamas with red pipping. There is something unique about Gigi’s top, the top he wears looks sexy with ties on the back of the clothing and does not wear buttons as straps. The chest part of the teeth appears to be exposed with a fairly large body creating a more sexy look.

The red-rimmed cat-eye glasses he wore made even more tidy appearance that afternoon on the streets of New York City. What creates an even more beautiful impression is the white go-go boots that he wears creates the overall look of Zayn Malik’s lover stunning!

# Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba also looks spectacular with her pajamas. He was wearing a black-basic pajama with a large floral pattern. Don’t look ordinary! Maybe that is what Jessica expected, so she opened her pajamas and created the boss like an outer.

Black crop top looks and makes it look unpredictable! The red flower-shaped ties in her hair create a sexy and sweet Jessica look!

# Rihanna

No less behind, Rihanna has also been dressed in pajamas. This appearance had received a lot of praise from the remaining population was also a fan.

How not, Rihanna looks wearing silky pink pajamas. Deliberately, she showed her white lace bra which created her look quite sexy. Not Riri if you do not add a fashion item that is quite inviting eye contact.

When wearing that outfit, Riri added furry pale pink sandals and this finally created a lively fashion world. The fur slipper became the talk, and the end became a fashion trendsetter, not a few people!

# Selena Gomez

Using blue pajamas, Selena Gomez looks confident and ready to greet her fans. The dark color of the outfit that he was wearing seemed to fit the matching lipstick and red high heels. Dare to look bold!

# Hailey Baldwin

Pssst, pajamas outfit doesn’t just have to be two-piece. Hailey Baldwin proved it through the satin lingerie slip dress she was wearing made a hangout. The white lace and stiletto ornaments that she wears are more beautiful with sleek blow hair.