Why Do Women Love to Use Sexy Lingerie?

Looks similar to a bra, lingerie is an underwear used for cover the intimate parts such as breasts so as not to be seen.

Although at a glance the same, the women seem more proud and happy to use lingerie rather than ordinary underwear. What is the reason?

In fact, today, many women prefer to use sexy lingerie for activities. Not only for bed activities, but lingerie is also now even commonly used for sightseeing and even in public areas such as casino. They can easily deceive their opponent while playing poker or blackjack or any kind of gambling games.

For you men, this is certainly a bit surprising because lingerie looks just the same and has no different from a bra or panties, whereas, for women, sexy lingerie has the reasons that make it comfortable to wear.

What are the reasons? Check out the full explanation below.


Feel Sexy

The first reason why women love to wear lingerie is that lingerie can make them feel sexy. Women who wear lingerie will feel like Victoria’s Secret models walking on the catwalk during a fashion show.

The imagination is not excessive, especially if the shape of lingerie that she was wearing did highlight the beautiful parts of a woman’s body. This will make women feel much sexy when using lingerie, not only for couples but also for your satisfaction as a woman.


Increase Confidence

The shape and model of lingerie that suits your body shape can, in fact, increase the confidence of women. This is because the shape of lingerie can make women get the ideal body shape that has been in their shadows.

For example, corsets were widely used by ancient women to get the ideal body shape like an hourglass. Having a body that suits your imagination will undoubtedly increase your confidence, especially since the material used in lingerie is far more comfortable than ordinary underwear.


Feel Comfortable

As good as any shape of lingerie, of course, there will be no meaning if it is not comfortable to use for a long time. So, if you men ask why women love to wear sexy lingerie, comfort is one of the answers.

It’s far different from the past lingerie that was so torturous, lingerie today has been made from comfortable materials worn like satin, so women feel comfortable using it all day.


Increase your partner’s passion

The 4th reason why women like to use sexy lingerie is that these clothes can increase the arousal of couples before sex. Therefore do not be surprised if sexy lingerie is one of the clothes that must be taken during the honeymoon.

Not without reason, most lingerie will generally make some parts of a woman’s body such as breasts and buttocks look more attractive and seductive. This certainly can increase the arousal of couples, because basically, men are visual creatures that are easily tempted.


Grateful for What Body Shape It Is

The last reason why women like to use sexy lingerie is a form of gratitude for the body shape they have. This is arguably the reason that is quite important, considering the views of people about body goals are women with large breasts, tall, slender, broad hips, and others.

Come on girls, you are beautiful just the way you are. Be grateful for everything, and you can maximize your body by using lingerie. For example, if your breasts are small, don’t be sad. You can outsmart it by using lingerie in the form of a push-up bra.